Reviewed by Tom Brusky
(polka band leader in Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Pennsylvania's Kevin Solecki has just released a brand new recording called "Solecktive Sounds".  The Grammy-nominated artist takes you on a musical journey through Europe and the United States with nineteen songs of various origin.  Accordeon Printanier (French), La Cumparsita (Tango), and Cornaline (French) are just a sample of the ethnic solections Kevin has brought together with an authentic array of Slovenian, Polish, and novelty-style polkas and waltzes.

What makes this recording stand out even further is the guest musicianship.  Dazzling talents of musicians such as Mollie Busta, Paul Krywy, Julien Labro and others are featured.  Kevin even steps aside to let the uninhibited talents of his fellow musicians shine, but sometimes that's how great recordings are made. "Solecktive Sounds" is just such a recording, and I highly recommend adding it to your polka music collection.



Reviewed by Jerry Zagar
(polka musician & radio disc jockey in Pittsburgh, PA)


Kevin's sophomore project features 19 tracks of a variety of music including Polish, Slovenian, French, Italian, Irish, Eastern plus novelty & standard styles.  It was recorded by Brian O'Boyle & Ed Klancnik (of the Klancnik & Friends Band), then mixed & edited by Gary Rhamy of Peppermint Productions.  Accordion players - check this one out!  Visit his website to download mp3 preview tracks.



Reviewed by Joan Cochran Sommers

(former University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music Professor)


This instrumental album features the accordion in Polish, Slovenian, French, Italian, Mexican, Eastern, Novelty and Standard style selections.  It is indeed fun to listen to and, as they say on the album “Enjoy!”  In addition, the album has received a Grammy nomination, so a great many more people think so, too.

Kevin Solecki is the lead solo accordionist with Mike Zawojsky also on accordion.  Backing them are drums, congas, bass, egg shaker, guitar, banjo and trumpets!  The recording is well done and all the instruments have good sound qualities.  Both accordionists have had several years of serious accordion studies, including jazz and classical, and have competed in many of the various accordion competitions throughout their student years. One of the fun aspects of the CD is that among the usual polkas you will find Magnante’s “Tantalizing” and “Accordiana”, and the traditional “Flight of the Angels” performed in different styles.  It does make one’s ears perk up and listen!

Since I am not an authority on the different styles of polkas, I cannot comment on that except to say these are well played with nice technique and interesting arrangements.  To me, when I hear them, I just want to get up and dance or, at the very least, tap my feet and have a great time listening.  I am pretty sure you will, too.


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